The Lions Club of Winnipeg, affiliated with other Lions Clubs around the world, is an important service club that has operated within our community for over 73 years.

Mission, Vision & Values

Through the Lions Club of Winnipeg, LHC pursues its mission:


To serve the evolving needs of seniors, families, and the community through specifically designed facilities, personalized services, and quality programs.


To care for all to create a healthy and vibrant community!


The health and welfare of our residents is our foremost concern.
Integrity and Honesty:
Taking ownership and being accountable, saying what we mean, and following through on our commitments.
Preserving dignity, honouring diversity, and modeling empathy.
For one another, for residents and their families, and for our staff and volunteers.

Lions Housing Centres Pillars

Service Excellence:
We nurture a culture where the wellbeing of residents, employees and volunteers is considered and options for social inclusion and participation are offered.

Infrastructure Excellence:
We provide outstanding facilities and strive for continuous improvement to provide the right facility for the right people at the right time.

Organizational Excellence:
Our Board of Directors and staff team is dedicated to effective and efficient operations, continuous improvement, capacity-building, collaboration and financial stewardship.