What are Adult Day Clubs?

Adult Day Clubs provide group programs offering health, support, and therapeutic recreational services to adults who may be isolated, physically compromised, or living with a chronic condition. Participating in programming provides an opportunity for socialization over morning coffee, lunch and afternoon snack, so clients can experience new activities and have a great time together. Day clubs also provide respite and support to caregivers. These programs are a community-based resource funded by the WRHA.

How can I access an Adult Day Club?

If you are interested in attending an Adult Day Club, you can contact your Home Care Case Coordinator and request that a referral be made to the Adult Day Club. Eligibility criteria will be assessed and the most suitable Adult Day Club will be selected. If not registered with Home Care, you can call the WRHA Central Intake Number at (204) 788-8330.

How often can I attend?

On average, attendance is one time per week. A client may continue to attend as long as the Adult Day Club is able to meet their needs.

What services do the Adult Day Clubs provide?

Services may vary, however typically an Adult Day Club will provide:
  • Therapeutic recreational programs, mental fitness programs, physical fitness programs, socialization and peer support
  • Respite and support to caregivers
  • Day programs only
  • Services within a catchment area
  • Services based on the special needs of the client
  • Safe and reliable transportation to and from the program
  • Nutritious meal and snacks
  • A pleasant, safe and comfortable environment with supervision
  • Education on health promotion activities
  • Outings within the community
  • Rest periods based on client need

How much does it cost to attend?

Clients pay a Participant Fee per day directly to the Adult Day Club sponsor through preauthorized debit. This daily fee is set yearly by the WRHA.